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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription way a small candle-box; then lighting.
his pipe, he seated himself accordingly,
and did begin singing a rough sailor song
of tl;e time, which begun in the burden
as follows :
' Come all ye gallant mariners,.
and so on a very rude burden and song
it was, of many: ill-managed variations.
Thereupon, hearing the Sergeant sing
thus, Redfoot did sing too, in hi-s own
style, and in the manner of his nation,
and these were some of the words thereof:
'-----------Great is the Yemassee--
Strong at the bow, and matchless in the chace !
is earless in danger, terrible in war !
Have you not seen him, like the rush of clouds,
Darken with battle, full of many storms !
Men he goes forth, and scouts are on his camp,
Death goes before him, like the.rush of winds
On the back. waters, where the gun goes down ;
And, as the brown leaves stricken by the cold, -
The Westo, and the Estate, and Edisto,
And the white children of the morning moon
Flit, to Manitto's mountain land of shades
And wafflings fill the women of the
'Great is the Yemassee,'&c.
Thereupon, did Sergeant McAllister,
very idly and foolishly, it is true, laugh
outright ' for said he, 'do-you, impudent
and ignorant barbarians as you are, pre-
tend to compare your people with ours ;
you that are too drunk to lift your hand
to your head,'&c. Now this was a sin-
ful and a thoughtless speech, and harm
had nearly come of it; for Redfoot did
remember the words in his heart, and
though he made, at the time, no answer,
yet, as will be-seen, the Sergeant had
nearly paid dear for it ; for when a cer-
tain,time had elapsed, and even the mat-
ter had gone out of the Sergeant's recol-
lection, the Indian aforesaid did aim a
great stroke with his hatchet against the
head of the Sergeant McAllister, and
would most certainly have slain him, had
not proz-idence mercifully permitted the
aforesaid Mistress o'Connelly to watch
the design of the savage, who, it seems
was not altogether, so drunk as people
thought him, and she rushing up at the