Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription is betwixt us. Let me in therefore, bro-
ther, I pray, that the evil spirit may not
stand betwixt us, making noises and his-
sing.'' Fait, now Redfoot, none o' yer blar-
ney, my darling, dont he after coming
over me wid yer hapocrisy. Yer a great
rogue, by my soul and an't I too ould
for you. Git along, along, my darling,
and ate a pine tree with the alligators,
and then my honey I'll belave what ye've
got to say.'' Brother' continued the Chief 'shall
there not be peace betwixt us. Shall
we have the lire and the painted club.
Shall we not have peace. Brother, I
have done you wrong ; I would tell you
I have done you wrong, that there may
be peace between us, I pray.'
All very well, my darling ; but by my
soul there is a pretty long pace betwixt us
already, which your virry humble sarvant
Rory M'A llister will. not be after making
any shorter, my honey. Ye're a grate
big rogue Mr Redfoot and ye're telling
me a grate rape of lies and falsehoods and
circumventions, Mr Redfoot of the tribe
of yellow legs, and ye're lit upon the
wrong gentleman to be after chafing with
a kiss as yer own ould father Jewdas did
our good father, long time gone. For I
do virrily belave that ye're all from the
ould parent, and head and' chafe of sin.
Jewdas Iscariot who charged our blessed .
Saviour forty paces of gold for a kiss ; a
gravous decate for one dirty mane kiss to
charge so much money, Mr Redfoot, mo-
ney enough I'll be satisfied to buy out
and out ve're whole tribe of yellow legs;
and red legs, and black legs, my honey.
So get away dacently Mr Redfoot, while
ye may, or I'11 be after talking to ye toiler
side o' yer. mouth, my honey.''My brother speaks in a strange lan-
guage, and to a strange ear. The winds