Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription Redfoot, and won't even know the day
ye're burning on.''My brother is on the inside and I am
out. My brother., has all the Sun, I am
in the shade. My brother will do as he
pleases, and keep that which is mine,'
said the Chief.
' Did ever a body hear sich a d---d
blasphemous lie,' said the Sergeant turn-
ing up his eyes and lifting his head as in
prayer. `I in the sun, and bless my stars
it is moonlight, full moonlight, and as
pratty a moon as a blind man would de-
sire to peep at. Ah ! ye ould rogue, ye
ould rogue, that's enough. Ye need'nt
say another word after dat. Sun in moon
light. THat makes me know ye're a vil-
lain."Faking literally the figure of the
The latter merely spoke, half soliloqui--
ingly :
' My brother is not awake, be dreams,
he is in the land of dreams, my brother
will soon awaken.' And then with his
two attendants retired slowly into the
gloom of the forest. As they retired the
Sergeant in the same manner, and seeni-
inrgl.y utterly shocked by what appeared
another falsehood in the speech of the
Chief, construing literally his metaphor :
' Did iver mortal hea"r the like. The
miserable savage. He will be damned
with all ixpedition for his lies.