Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription of six or seven men endeavored to scale
the dormitory, or window, at which, in
deep silence, stood the Captain. By
standing on the shoulders of one man, a-
nother cautiously raised himself to the
porthole of the citadel, and began making
every preparation to effect an entrance.
At this important and perilous moment,
the captain spoke, almost for the first time
'Who comes there ?''Eugh !' said the ascending Indian to
his comrades, as he intimated the obsta-
cle, but gave no answer.
'Caesar,' said the defender of the cita-
del, ' did you get the chalk ?''Yes, I hab'em, Massa Archer.''Make ready, then,' said he calmly, as
with his pistol thrust almost immediately
in the rising red face of the Indian, he
shot him down. The Savage fell with a
single groan--a general repetition, of
which announced the feeling of the party
'Caesar,' that fellow's gone.' mark him
down. I'll do the fighting--you, must
make the report to the commander,' said
he, as he wiped the pan of his pistol, and
handed it to the black to load. `The lat-
ter made a terrible mark upon the wall
with a bit of chalk with one hand, as he
took the pistol with the other. A silence
of several moments elapsed, and Captain
Archer ventured to peep from his fortress,
but was immediately warned not to be
too precipitate; and confident, by a slow-
er of stones which flew about his ears,
followed by a loud whoop from the re-
mainder of the party.