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Short Stories | 1829-10-15
Transcription Chronicles of the Ashley River.--No 5.
In the meantime the conflict raged
with redoubled fury upon the opposite
wing of the beleaguered tavern. The
Indians, under the conduct of Redfoot,
defeated in their first effort, by means of
a catapult to effect their entrance at the
door, now sought by physical force alone
and the application, of their united strength
in some way to effect this object. For
this purpose, several shafts formed by a
thin sapling of pine from which the
smaller, 1imbs had been removed, were
thrust at once against the door, already
much Weakened by their previous assaults.
As the dropping of water, will, in due
course of time, fret a way through a stone
so must this defence have fallen in a short
period before their persevering efforts had
not a second discharge of fire arms, from
the same quarter as before, compelled the
savages again to relax in their exertions.
Enabled to take an accurate and clear
aim, by the light of the moon, the dis-
charge had been fatal to one more of the
assailants, and it became evident to them,
not so far blinded by their rage as to de-
stroy all capacity of thought, that unless
some other means were made use of,
they must necessarily, forego their enter-
prise for the present. With the quickness
of thought, Redfoot desisting from his
mode of attack, gave a signal whoop to
his followers, who sank immediately into
the cover of the woods. A few moments
only had been suffered to elapse when
they were beheld returning, each bearing
in his arms, a large bundle of dried reeds,
which grew in great quantities about,
and overspread the place. These were
mixed up. with long dried canes and corn
stalks, smoked grass and such other fuel
as came most conveniently to hand, and
was suitable to the purposes in view.
The garrison saw with anxiety this new
plan of assault and easily conjectured the
object of the assailants. With increased