Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 1829-10-15
Transcription alarm they could perceive the Chief Red
foot with a couple of pieces of dry wood,
which he rubbed with much force and
velocity against each other. After sever-
al ineffectual efforts, a slight flame was
kindled, which in a moment was applied
to the combustibles around, while a fond
whoop of exultation from the savages be-.
betrayed their delight. The flames spread
rapidlly and in a moment had made a cir-
cuit about the building.
'Only think Mistress O'Connell, ho-
ney, how the cunning divels have besit
us with their conflagrations. Och, fa-
thers, who'd have thought it but the ould
divil himself, who made the rapscallian
red legs.''Och, Sargent dear, and what is it that
ye'll be after doing now--ye've a nate
and ready way with yerself, Sargennt dear,
and ye must be gitting us from this pre-
dicament for the life of ye,' said Mrs
Fait, by my soul now, my virry wafe
Mistress O'Connell, but that's virry asy
to say wid y'er own tender mouth, but not
so asy to do. Be quiet now, I sees that
ribbel Redfoot, standing jist like an al-
ligator Of his own tribe, with a grate big
mouth like an oven, and whooping like
any red divil of them all. Stand hark
Mistress, dear, and lit us jest have a little
drop of revenge, and that's a swate thing
Mrs O'Connell to die for. Plase now to
be asy for the rapscallion smells the shot
and absconds ; the cowardly red-leg, and
wont be the man to 1it me shoot him 'down.''Mr McAllister' now spoke for the first
time, the young female whom we have
heard designated as the daughter of our
Hostess, ' had we not better Mr M'Allis-
ter, instead of consulting idle plans of
revenge which can do us no service, see
rather what plan or prospect for escape is
left us from this dreadful fate. You per-