Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 1829-10-15
Transcription cant you say something for poor Jule.
Did she ixpict to be burned- alive, the
swate cratur ; och Sargent, only git Jule
safe to the good Guvnor Sailes, and yer
a made man, my darling—blink yer eye
at this, see this, it is yer own,'my honey,
if you'll be after doing-the thing and sa-
ving my poor Jule ;' showing at the same
time a woolen stocking, foot and part of
the leg, apparently filled with money and
' Now Sargeant, dear,' continued the
old lady as soon as she thought the per-
son she addressed had sufficiently sur-
veyed the deposite. ' Is it you, Sargeant,
that will be after rafusing yer ould friend
and fallow countryman, saing how asy it
is to oblage and benefit yer own self, my
honey, by oblaging me. Rickon it well,
Sargeant, take yer own time to daliberate
and ba in a monstrous hurry, as ye will
parcave the fire is nigh, and we will not be
able to iscape, until wez all burned up to
a cinder. Spttke now Sargeant, dear,
and say what ye can do for the delicate
cratur--pour Jule--to be burned alive by
varmints--pour Jule--pour Jule.'
The Sargeant took the bag between
his thumb and finger, and seemed to be
adjusting in his own mind, what might
be the proper weight of the unexaggera-
ted bulk of the sober bullion within.
A few moments seemed sufficient to sat-
isfy him in this particular, for =quietly
putting the bag once more into the hands
of its proper owner, he relapsed into his
former state of musing.
And will it not do Sargeant, dear—is
it said is it said—must Jule too perish,
is it said, Sargeant, d'ye say ,it now, dear
wad yer own mouth Sargeant,' exclaimed
the disappointed landlady as she received
her earnings again into her custody. To
one who had employed her whole life in
the realization of wealth as a sole aim