Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 1829-10-15
Transcription upon the bag, and concluding her apos-
trophe to him---' only try. Archer boy,
say .the word—spake my cllilds life, my
pour Jule, and its yours, my swate cap-
tain, all yours, all yours.'' Mistress O'Connelly, it is with much
regret I must in a few words satisfy you,
that without labouring very seriously
ourselves to that end, we shall all in th
course of half an hour be burned alive in
this habitation. Even now the flames,
as you may perceive without detriment
to your visual organ: are---'
He was interrupted by a sudden falling
of the rude maple shutter from the win-
dow beside them and the rush of a deep
and dense column of smoke and flame
bursting into the room .which drove them
to its opposite extreme while a general
shout from the savages indicated their
knowledge of a disaster which threatened
eoisiderably to abridge the term of suf-
fering among the inmates of the be-
leaguered dwelling. This shout, had the
effect, however, of arousing the Sergeant
from his his unnatural and unseemingly stu-
' By my fait, Archer, but we may as
well play our part out in this game along
with the red legs. Where's the grain
and the troublers.'' The powder and shot, you mean,
Sergeant M'Allister.'' Eh, to be sure, what else, I mane the
powder and shot, as ye say it. Let us
give 'em a touch at the parting.''Caesar,' exclaimed the captain.
' Yes, masser Archer,' replied the Af-
roc an.
' Get your chalk.'' Chalk,' exclaimed the Sargeaut in as-
tonishment, ' why, captain, friend, what
d'ye mane?''I mane, I mane, what I mane. Do
you bear what I say, Caesar.'' Yes, massar, I hab 'em ready.''Now load this musket,' continued