Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription ness ; the moveables put on board, at
mid-day, they dropt with the tide down
the river and took full and undisputed
possession of the shelving beach called
Oyster Poirit. A suitable and correspon-
ding solemnity obtained among the as-
sembly, as-with all due decorum, the Gov-
ernor with his own, hands planted the
pennon of St George, the champion, a-
bove the hut of the old lady, Mrs Tchew,
which then became the centre of the set-
tlement. It stood upon the banks of a
large creek or tagoon, then and for some
time after'called Duck Pond, from the
numerous concourse of those fowls usu-
ally met with there. A name was then
thought upon and in compliment to the
reigning monarch, the township was call-
ed 'Charlestown,' which name, with a
trifling alteration, it bears to this day.
We had intended a continuance under
another name, of the events of this
Chronicle but having grown tired, we
should only spoil what may, perhaps, be
considered a promising plan. We had it
in contemplation to; show the loves of
Mrs O'Connell and Sergeant M'Allister,
but dreaded to subject our sex still more
strongly to the application of the lines
the old English Poet,
Sigh no more, lady, sigh no more,
Men were deceivers ever,
one foot on sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never.'
It will be quite sufficient for our pur-
pose, however, to state that the bride of
the Sargeant, the good landlady, never be-
came. He found her beauties much im-
paired by the loss oilier stock in trade,
'the good stuff, and the limons;' She
brought an action in the country court or
hundred). some time after, to recover for
breach of promise, but the cause through
the cunningness of the lawyers, never
came on to be heard.
Miss Julia died some years after with-
out any disorder. Captain Archer com-