Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2003
Transcription 99.10 "Macleod": The highland Scot settlers were assembled in mid-
February 1776 in the Cumberland County town of Cross Hill, and in Cross
Creek Captain Donald MacLeod was mortally wounded and their elderly
commander Donald MacDonald was captured in his own tent.

100.36-7 "Fort Moultrie, on Sullivan's Island": Originally called Fort
Sullivan, the fort was renamed for Col. William Moultrie after he repulsed a
British naval attack in June 1776.

100.40 "Castle Pinckney": A small masonry fortification built to protect the
city of Charleston in 1797 in Charleston Habor, it was named for the
Revolutionary War hero Charles C. Pinckney.

102.40-103.1 "to lick the life out of the impudent chap's leather": Not

105.7 "assurance doubly sure": A paraphrase of William Shakespeare,
Macbeth, Act IV, scene 4, line 83: "But yet I'll make assurance double sure,
And take a bond of fate."

105.33 "White Point": The present day White Point Garden, located on the
southernmost tip where the city's two rivers meet. It is often referred to a
"Oyster Point" because of the piles of oyster shells that could be found upon
white sands of the area in colonial times.

108.32-3 "Saint Thomas in the Scriptures": John 20:24-9.

"The Two Camps: A Legend of the Old North State"

111.38 "disastrous chances": Othello, Act I, scene 3, line 134.

111.39 "moving accidents by flood and field": Othello, Act I, scene 3, line

111.40 "hair-breadth `scapes": Othello, Act I, scene 3, line 136.

112.16 "Horse-shoe Robinson": A romance (1835) by John Pendleton
Kennedy (1795-1870).

113.10 "the damsel in Scripture": Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah, the four
Hebrew matriarchs, followed their husbands in the Bible.