Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2003
Transcription "How Sharp Snaffles Got His Capital and Wife"

237.6-7 " Jim Fisher, Aleck Wood, . . . and Nathan Langford": Jim Fisher
and Nathan Langford were actual hunting companions of Simms in his 1847
hunting trip to western North Carolina. See James E. Kibler, "Simms's
Indebtedness to Folk Tradition in `Sharp Snaffles,' Southern Literary
Journal, 4 (Spring 1972), 55-68.

238.35 "Delmonico": Lorenzo Delmonico (1813-1881), Swiss-born
American restauranteur who popularized European cuisine in New York City.
Delmonico steak, a small, often boned steak from the front section of the shore
loin of beef, is named after him.

239.26 "Columbus Mills": A relative of Simms's wife who lived near Mount
in North Carolina. Simms and his hunting party stopped at his house in 1847.

241.25 "Leave off your damnable faces and begin.": Hamlet, Act III, scene 2,
line 263.

242.36 "kiver the pegs `direct-lie': Simms is punning with two meanings for
the word "direct-lie": "directly" and "with a direct lie."

250.22 "Cuss him on my account ... to my credit": "Account" and "credit"
are related to finance and capitalism.

252.7 "It's only needful that you be detarmined on good works": Allusion to
Puritanism and Capitalism.

253.11-2 "wild-geese--fresh from Canniday": The largest of Canada Geese
has a wingspan of six feet and weighs up to twenty-four pounds.

258.24-5 "the very gall of bitterness that we reads of in the Holy Scripters":
Apostles 8:23.

264.32-3 "Nicholas Biddle": American financier (1786-1844), and one of the
government directors of the Bank of the United States. He became the leading
target of the Jacksonians in their war against the bank.

265.33 "Benton Mint Drops": Thomas Hart Benton (1782-1858) steadfastly
supported hard currency and later called a gold currency mint-drops, with
a slight attempt at pun.