Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2003
Transcription Swamp Fox". Most South Carolinians remember Simms as the first to write a
history for South Carolina schools in 1840. Having conferred with Professor
James Kibler, editor of the Simms Review and the editor of Selected Poems of
William Gilmore Simms, it was decided that excerpts from three poems on thi
commemorative, contemplative occasion should be used.
They were "The Two Upon the Heart", reworked in 1868 from an
earlier poem in 1827, a happier time. It appeared in Kibler's Selected Poem
under Simms' name for the first time. The second selection "Among the
Ruins" was written in 1867, also appearing for the first time in a Simms
collection. The third poem "From the Study Window" was completed in 1867,
when the study windows existed only in Simms' memory. This poem also
appeared for the first time under Simms' name in Selected Poems.
Ms. Linda Hibbler sang her rendition of the spiritual "Steal Away to
After closing remarks by Ms. Foster, Ms. Emma Ruth Dowling gave
the benediction.
Joe Jones then led the group in a rousing rendition of "God Bless
Everyone enjoyed the delicious birthday cake decorated to represent
the United States Flag.
Guests enjoyed a display of Simms's work arranged on a table near the
patio. Simms would have enjoyed the conversation of the hour as much as his
great-grandson Carl Buck did that afternoon.
Bamberg County, once Barnwell District, became a county in 1897,
twenty-seven years after Simms death in 1870. The commemoration on 16
April , 2003, is the beginning of an annual celebration in Bamberg County on
the Life and works of William Gilmore Simms, who came to "Woodlands" in
1836 as the husband of Chevillette Roach, the only child of Nash and Eliza
Govan Roach.