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Scholarship | 2003
Transcription MR. BERTIL HAGGMAN, LL.M.
Member, Swedish Writers' Union
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To The William G. Simms Society

William Gilmore Simms and Partisan Warfare

Dear Sir:

Having recently completed a book manuscript on Confederate irregular
warfare 1861 – 1865 I am aware of Simms' great influence on the
perception of the partisan in the South through his books and poems.

Noticing in a biographical sketch of Simms that he adviced Southern
politicians during the war on military plans, I wonder if the society is
aware if any of these plans are preserved in manuscript form ?

For your attention I am enclosing a short CV.

My best wishes for the success of the WGS Society (especially in 2006
and 2007).


Bertil Haggman


Mr. Bertil Haggman was born 1940 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Educated at the University
of Lund, Sweden, with a Master of Law degree in 1964. .His present position is that of
director of Center for Research on Geopolitics, Sweden. Haggman served as a Swedish
state employed jurist from 1969 to 2001. Contributor, over 100 books, magazines,
journals and daily newspapers in United States, England, Israel, Canada, Germany,
Norway, Republic of Korea and Sweden. Contributed articles in numerous
encyclopedias and received several grants from 1976-2002. Listed in various
international biographical dictionaries.