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Scholarship | 2003
Transcription Pursuant to the article in the SIMMS REVIEW OF WINTER 2002, Zan Wells,
Greenville sculptor with her native roots in the Old Barnwell District, has been
commissioned by the Barnwell County Museum to create a bronze bust of William
Gilmore Simms.

This bust of William Gilmore Simms is nearing completion with plans to place it in
Collins Park on a pedestal also to be designed by Mrs. Wells. The bust and pedestal are to
be erected in this history park at the corner of Main Street and Marlboro Avenue east of
the Barnwell County Courthouse. This is the site where Mr. Simms's son William
Gilmore Simms and his wife Emma Gertrude Hartzog Simms built their stately home in
the early 1900's. Their daughter Mary C. Simms Oliphant revised her grandfather's
South Carolina history book which was used by the public schools of South Carolina.

The Barnwell County Museum has been favored with contributions for the project
from Mrs. Mary Simms Oliphant Furman, the Hartzog Foundation, and the Barnwell
County Museum. This project also affords an opportunity to the Simms Society and
other family members to make a tax deductable contribution for the completion of this

TO: Barnwell County Museum
Mrs. Anne Washington Hagood, Chairman
Barnwell County Museum
P. O. Box 422
Barnwell, SC 29812





The Simms Review may be interested in these bits of news.

Miriam J. Shillingsburg will be reading (or has read) a paper on Simms's Caribbean Fiction at the joint
meeting of the SSSL and the ALA, held December 12-15, 2002 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A special Simms issue of Southern Quarterly (Winter 2003) will appear in mid-February. It is compiled and
edited by Miriam Shillingsburg. It contains some dozen articles representing the range of Simms's work,
especially focusing on his poetry, less-well-known fiction, and dramatic interests. Many of the articles have
been read at scholarly conferences including the Simms Symposium and ALA.. Contributors include: Ben
Fisher, Molly Boyd, Michael Brennan, Carl Eric Link, David Newton, A. J. (Chip) Conyers, Scott Romine,
Erma Richter, Paul Christian Jones, David Aiken, with an introduction by Peter Shillingsburg. Noel Polk of
the University of Southern Mississippi is editor of Southern Quarterly.

Studies in the Novel will devote a special issue to Simms's long fiction, Summer 2003. It is compiled and
edited by Miriam Shillingsburg and contains nine articles plus an introduction. The articles cover the
spectrum of Simms's novels including Indian, Border, Domestic, Revolutionary War, Spanish American, and
Gothic works; several take totally new critical approaches to Simms's fiction. Contributors are: Jim Kibler,
Jan Bakker, Vincent King, Caroline Collins, Molly Boyd, Peter Murphy, Ben Fisher, Renee Dye, and Miriam
Shillingsburg. Scott Simpkins of the University of North Texas is the editor of Studies in the Novel.

Miriam J. Shillingsburg, Dean
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Indiana University South Bend
Post Office Box 7111
South Bend. IN 46634-7111