Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2005
Transcription Catherine Summer (1823-1906) as mistress of Pomaria managed the
household for her unmarried brother William (1815-1878). Her sphere was also
the poultry yard, where she raised prize-winning Mexican and oriental fowl.
Pomaria was the site of William Summer's Pomaria Nurseries, which Simms
visited and from which he ordered plants for his gardens at Woodlands. He had, in
fact, just purchased a large number of trees on 11 February 1862 before his signing
of the 22nd.
Pomaria has been deemed "the first major nursery to develop in the lower
and middle South."' It was also the largest and most sophisticated during the
time Simms ordered from it. For a list of Simms's purchases from the Nursery on
21 February 1860, 15 January 1861, 11 February 1862, and 10 February 1863,
see "Simms the Gardener, Reconstructing the Gardens at Woodlands." 2 This
inscribed copy is in the author's collection, a gift to him by Summer family
descendant, Mr. John Sease of Wilmington, Delaware.