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Secondary Scholarship | 2005
Transcription A third presentation copy of Areytos was inscribed to Catherine and
William Summer's brother, Henry, in March 1862. Henry lived at Crossroads
Plantation, a few miles from Pomaria Plantation, burned by Sherman in February
1865. Part of Henry's personal library, fortunately kept in his town house in
Newberry, was, like Simms's, one of the largest in the country, and was not
burned. A portion of it later formed the nucleus of Newberry College's library.
The college was founded in 1859. Summer and his friend the Rev. John Bachman
of Charleston were founders and trustees of the Lutheran school.
Henry Summer's copy of Areytos was in the possession of Mr. John Sease
in 1982. Unfortunately, I did not ask for a xerox of the inscription at the time, but
did make these notes: "Areytos, 1860, Charleston, Russell, inscribed to Henry
Summer and dated March 1862." With the death of Mr. Sease, the location of this
copy is now unknown.
Whether or not there were more than 150 copies of Areytos cannot be said.
A worthy project would be to list all copies of the book, both inscribed and not. I
wonder if Redfield did indeed sell Simms's volume on the sly. After all, he
refused to return the plates for which Simms paid. A number of copies over 150
would suggest that Redfield sold copies on his own, as Simms suspected. The
obvious place to start such an inventory would be to check library holdings. If
you own a copy, or know the whereabouts of one, please send this information to
the Simms Review.

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