Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Correspondence | 2005
Transcription [Envelope]
Midway Dec 1141
Charles Chamberlain, Jr. Esq.
58 Monroe St.
New York,

Woodlands, S. C.
Dec 9, 1836 ,
Ch Chamberlain Jr. Esq.
dear Sir

Your letter of Oct. 23 has, in consequence of a protracted
absence at the north, only reached me within a few days. It
would give me pleasure to contribute to such a work as you
propose if other engagements will allow. As it is possible for
me, at least, to present an occasional trifle from my port folio
you are at liberty to use my name as a contributor. At
present, I cannot say how far it will be possible for me to
become regularly so. Something will depend upon your plan
of publication---to be determined only after the work shall
appear;---something on the degree of [ ? ] which I can
appropriate from other engagements. Be pleased to send me
your work as soon as offered, and address to me at "Midway
P.O." So. Caro.---1 shall send you the quid in a contribution.
Very respectfully,
Yr obt servt,
w. Gilmore Simms