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Reviews/Essays | 1859-07-12 - 1859-08-09
Transcription The following three excerpts from "Our Literary Docket" may serve to give
a little taste of what the reader will find there. In my opinion, these fort
urbane and entertaining essays merit collection as a volume. It is an
accomplishment like no other in American Literature.
Mr. Editor

Our Literary Docket.
The court room—our snuggery—was in admira-
ble literary confusion—strewn with books, papers,
pamphlets and manuscripts, when Mr. B. R. Car-
roll entered, in full dress, bringing with him a
new edition of his excellent " Catechism of United
States History."
Judge Mercury was in the best of humor.
"Mr. Officer, hand Mr. CARROLL a chair, if you
please !--teachers of the young must not only have
place, but state ! We must habitually show them
reverence. They have, in their keeping, the souls
and minds, the passions, the principles, fancies,
feelings and affections, of unborn generations ! And
in this community, especially,--which is famously
prolific ; and where wives, loving their lords ac-
cording to the rule laid down in SHAKESPEARE, seem
annually resolved to bestow upon them fresh, liv-
ing presentments of their own beloved images—
and this, too, without any considerate regard to
their several incomes ;—in such a community, we
say, the obligations of society to the teachers of the
young, demand that we treat them with all honor,
and requite their services by---a prompt payment
of their quarterly bills
"So shall our little BILLS---ay, and JOHNS, and
TOMS, and NEDS, DICKS, and HARRYS--all prosper
exceedingly in future years.
"Please take a seat, Mr. CARRoLL, in that high-
backed Elizabethan chair, which stands upon the
right covered with crimson velvet. Be seated, sir;
pray remove your hat—take off your coat, if you
will ! It is, I see, of professional black, and a little
too hot for such weather. Mr. Officer, pray find a
cool linen overall for Mr. CARROLL, and a cigar.
" What ! you don't smoke ? You are, perhaps,
right. You are of the order of the Leankinites, and
the mechanical effects of smoking may be too ex-