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Reviews/Essays | 1859-07-12 - 1859-08-09
Transcription You will be able to find in their pages many noble
ballads, which your boys will declaim with unction
to tip big wigs, the little wits, the congregated sires
and dames of our venerable city. And having
spoken their public speeches, your boys aforesaid
such as begin to feel a downy incumbrance on chin
and cheek, will seek out for themselves, from the
same pages, some tenderer ditties, which they will
not, deliver in public, or to the same auditors.
There will be a whispering in moonlighted groves,
Mr. CARROLL. and lessons given and taken there
which are not to be found in all your curriculum.
And HAYNE and TIMROD will provide the books!
"Ah! thank you, sir, for this nice copy of the
second edition of your school History of the United
States. We see that you have put our name in it,
with your compliments--an author's presentation

THE MERCURY 12 July 1859

2. Russell's Magazine, and The Southern Lite-
rary Messenger and DeBow's Review, were severally
represented in court--the first by Mr. JOHN RUS.
sell himself ; who had, for his supporters,—or in
the language of the ring, his bottle-bolder-a--Mr-
HURLBUT, Mr. HAYNE, Mr. CARLYLE, and a goodly
group in the back-ground, among whom we recog-
nize the amiable features of Mr. GRAYSON, and
the trim, though poetical face of Mr. TIMROD-the
one ; holding up Lives of BURR, HAMILTON, and
others, with long, well written sheets of com-
mentary ; the other bringing out occasionally,
from a little cithera, which he carried gracefully
in his hand, the languishing notes of a new lyric,
dedicated to the proper Eros; which, we take for
granted, will soon be sweetly sounding in all the
ears musical of the South,
Mr. RUSSELL himself wore a most triumphant as-
pect in consequence of a recent discovery of huge
masses of valuable antique matter in literature,
such as a passionate Bibliop is apt to go into ex-
stacies over; crying, with Dominic Sampson, Pro-
digious ! Mr. PAUL HAYNE recited to the court, in