Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1859-07-12 - 1859-08-09
Transcription order to justify himself against any charges of
short-coming on his part, a poem of rich, sensuous,
purple and golden character, called "Avolio,
which the court at once pronounced to be one of
the most beautiful samples of American poetry
which has been produced in American magazines
during the last five years. "It is almost faultless,"
cried his Honor, "It is worthy of the fancies of
APULEIUS of old times, and of the fountain-lapsing
musing of KEATS, in our own day. As long, sir,"
he continued, addressing Mr. RUSSELL, "as long,
sir, as you can persuade such poetry into your
page, you will deserve well of your country. Go,
sir, and be that you provide your poet daily with a
bottle of Rhenish, in summer; of Madeira in win-
ter ; so shall you never lack true poetry in your
pages; so shall he never lack a genuine muse for
his insptration at all seasons."

4. Professor DE Bow, well known here as an old
offender, appeared to answer for his Review. He,
too, was largely attended by bottle-holders from
Washington, Virginia, North and South Carolina
indeed from all the States of the South, with an oc-
casional northern aspect peering in among them.
Our Profeseor thus strongly sustained, seemed to
feel himself somewhat after the fashion of Black
Dan (WEBSTER) when he said of Massachusetts---
"There she is ! Look at her!"
So De Bow, of his Review, spreading a score or
two or volumes before the court.
There's my Review, your, Honor—it must an-
ewer for itself! Here are my contributors and here
am I! Look at us all ! We are all men of goodly
proportions, bulk and strength. Scarce one under
six feet, and able to whip his weight in wild cats;
not ashamed to be seen, sir! We claim to be equal
to all the emergencies of the South. We go for the
south, the whole South, and----unless the South
shall receive ample justice in the Union--for no-
thing but the South ! We defend and assist the
South upon all occasions, and in all departments.
We analyse her resources and report upon them in