Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1859-07-12 - 1859-08-09
Transcription all--in commerce, agriculture, manufactures, me-
chanics, art and science, gold mines and litera-
ture ! Each of these gentlemen who surround me
has his special department. Each of them, in turn,
hears a voice monthly, like that which kept John
busy with the pen in Patmos, crying "Write !"
and he writes! They all write---they are all ready
to fight--for the South! And thus writiug, your
Honor, we have produced fifty volumes, or more--a
library in itself. I have here brought a complete
set for your Honor's library—in which the indus-
trial resources, the moral and social interests--the
literary and political of the South—have all been
considered ! Here you will find a thorough collec-
tion of statistical knowledge; here you will find the
soundest philosophies, properly indexed, which shall
keep our people from going astray ! I ask a speedy
judgment, your Honor—mere justice—satisfied
that there is not a State or community in the South
for whose interests we have not cared; whose rights
we have not defended; whose history we have not
faithfully reported; whose resources are not here
admirably registered.""Mr. Sheriff," quoth the Judge, "take those vol-
umes into custody, and see them delivered to my
address at the Mills' House.""Professor DeBow,
I am happy to in pro.per ! I have heard of
you before ! I have heard of your speeches, in nu-
merous conventions, which met to say much and
do little ! But that was no fault of yours! I re-
member you, sir, when you were in college! I re-
member you when associated with that venerable
Cantab, Dr. WHITAKER, in the Southern Quarterly
I have read you, upon occasion, in your own Re-
view ! Suffice it, sir, that I know you ! ...Though
not of like bulk: with your volumes, you are a man
of presence ! You have a praiseworthy aspect of
worth and substance in your visage and physique !
Be glad, sir, to have you hob-a-nob with me.
Take your soup with rye to-day, at the Mills'
House, and bring all your bottle-holders. I
know some of them already---shall be glad to
know them all, and have no doubt they will fully
sustain your eulogy by their performances. They