Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1859-07-12 - 1859-08-09
Transcription are, certainly, all of them, men of mark and just
dimensions ; would shine in the Courts of Europe ;
would disprove Burros and the other buffoons of
science, who urged that man degenerates in
America! I like the idiomatic Doric phrase in
which you commend them ! They can, I have no
doubt, each "whip his weight in wild cats !" Sir,
the physical men must always, in large degree,
illustrate and typify the mental. Fighting races
are always great thinking races ; and when they
cease to be able to fight, sir, they cease to think
and I half suspect, to feel ! Go, sir, you are dis
charged--fully acquitted of all offences. You de-
serve well of your country. Your volumes have
our imprimatur. I endorse them to our booksellers,
and through them to our people! Go, sir, and be
fortunate, and with no lack of copy in the Worst of
seasons !""A Daniel come to judgment," quoth DeBow,
as he disappeared with all his suite.