Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
13 JUNE 1870

In Simms Review, Vol. I, Number 2 (Winter 1993), p. 32, we noted that
we had record of a previously unrecorded obituary of Simms in the Charleston
News, and called for a Simms scholar to see if indeed a copy still existed. Dr
David Aiken of Charleston has located this excellent, highly significant piece,
which is here reproduced for the first time. If, following the lead of William
P. Trent, one had thought that Charleston did not properly appreciate Simms,
then this essay should dispel that notion once and for all. In this essay,
"veneration" is the proper noun with which to describe the writer's attitude. Th
following is an enlarged photo-reproduction from the original in the Charleston
Library Society.

The Death of William Gilmore Simms

South Carolina has lost a great man—one
whi earned a just distinction in every walk
of literary life, Who never faltered to in his de-
votion to the land which gave him birth;
whose pious care and masterly genius made of
the past history of the South a living, breath-
ing reality; who caused the manners and
customs, the men and the women, "of the
"good old times," to dwell with us again in,
the melodies of his verse and the romantic
splendors of his prose.
William Gilmore Simms, poet, historian
and novelist, the veteran head of South
Carolina literature, died in this city on Sat-
urday last.
To him the State and the whole South owe
a debt ot gtatitude that cannot soon be paid.
At least let him live in his works, and in the
kind thoughts and grateful remembrance of
the whole Southern people.