Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
Transcription 28. The Sword and the Distaff. Like the pre-
ceding, this was subsequently reproduced under
another title--Woodcraft or Hawks About the
27. Eutaw. Another war novel, including an
account of the celebrated battle known as Eutaw
Springs, in South Carolina. This, I believe, is the
latest of Mr. Simms's revolutionary tales.
28. Coy Rivers. A border tale of rough old
times in Georgia, wherein the rough hand and
the stout heart ruled the day.
29. Richard Hurd's, or the Avenger of Blood.
A tale of Alabama.
30. Border Beagles. A tale of Mississippi.
31. Beauchamp. A tale of Kentucky.
32. Helen Halsey, or the Swamp state of Cone-
33. The Golden Christmas. A Chroncile of St.
Johns Berkeley.
34. The Yemassee. A romanoe of Carolina; an
Indian story, historical, founded upon the con-
spiracy of the Yemassee to massacre the whites
in 1711. The delineations of Indian character In
this novel are classed amont the best portraitures
of the Southern Indian. on record.
35. Pelayo A story of the Goth.
36. Count Julian. A sequel to Pelayo. This
branch of fictions deals with the Sarancenic inva-
sion of Spain, the dark fate of Roderick, and the
treachery of Julian.
37. The Damsel of Darien. A story of the dis-
coverer of the. Pacific, the celebrated Vasco Nunez
de Balboa.
38. The Lily and the Totem. A story of the Hu-
guenots in Florida.
39. Vasconcelos. In which we find the story of
De Soto in Florida. This novel was published-
under the nom de plume of Frank Cooper; a de-
vice to determine, it is said. how much the im-
mense popularity of the author's works depended
upon his name. The book was a success without
the adventitious aid of an already famous name.
40. Carl Werner. A novel in the style of Martin
Faber, returning to inner life.
41. Confession of the Blind Heart.
42. The Wigwam and the Cabin.
43. Marie de Berniere. A tale of the Crescent
44. History of South Carolina.
45. South Carolina in the Revolution. A criti-
cal and argumentative work, corrective of certain
errors and oversights In history.
46. Geography of South Carolina. This work
was prepared, as also was the history of the State,
as an aid in the education of the author's daugh-
47. Life of Francis Marion. A biography as fas-
cinating and attractive as a fiction.
48. Life of John Smith. A biography of the hero
of the Pocahontas-Powhattan episode in Virginia