Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
Transcription 49. Life of Chevalier Bayard.

50. Life of General Greene:
51. Father Abbot, or the Home Tourist. A med-
ley--sketches of Southern , scenery, society, feel-
ings and fancies.

52. Southward Ho!; In which a party of travel-
lers discuss Southern themes, peoples, scenes, and
things, generally; It has been styled as species of

53. Paddy McGann, or the Demon of the Stump.
A humorous novel, published in the Southern il-
lustrated News, in 1863 or 1884.

54. Joscelyn: A Tale, of the Revolation. A serial
tale, published in the Old Guard. early in 1867.
This appears to be rather a favorable specimen of
Mr. Simms's war novels.

55. Views and Reviews of American History,
Literature and Art. A collection of graver papers---.
critical, biographical and discursive.
56. Egeria, or Voices-of Thought and Counsel
for the Woods and Wayside. A thesaurus of
aphorisms and brief thoughts and fancies, thrown
together in the style of Goethe's Opinions, or of
Montesquiea's Pensees Diverses.
57; The Murals' of Slavery. A series of papers
published in the Southern Literary Messenger,
and then envolumed, with other able essays by
other authors on cognate points, in a work enti-
tled The Pro-Slavery Argument:

68. War Poetry of the South. A collection of
lyrics by Southern. poets--appeared late in 1866.
This is a valuable book, but indicates some care-
lessness in preparation, and has a good many
59. Reviews. These have not been gathered in
volumes yet, but would fill several. While edi-
tor of the Southern Quarterly Review, Mr. Simms
wrote the greater part of several issues; and he
always supplied the shortcomings of his contri-
butors, by writing largely for every number while
he had editorial charge. He contributed liber-
ally to various other periodicals--The Kickerbock-
er, Orion, Graham's Magazine, Godey's Lady's
Book, American Quarterly, and many others; be-
sides editing the Southern Literary Gazette, The
Magnolia. The Southern and Western Monthly
Magazine and Review; and no doubt others, long-
er and no since forgotten than some of these.
60. Orations. Stated, elaborate, and numer-
61.Lectures. Course of lectures on Poetry and
the Practical; on Hamlet; and single lectures. too
numerous to enumerate.
62. Historical and social sketch of Craveh Coun-
63. The Star-Brethren and other stories.
64. Voltmier, or the Mountain Man. A tale of
the old North, State; was copyrighted in 1868, and