Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
Transcription published in serial in The Illuminated western
World in 1869.

65. The Cub of the Panther. A mountain le-
gend ; published in serial in The Old Guard, 1869.

Martin Faber, his first prose work, brought
Mr. Simms fairly before the public. The book
was decidedly successful, and its success was_
richly deserved. The story of guilty love, of
the cry of blood from the mute earth, of the
mysterious law by which the bloody hand of the
murderer Is made to point to his own bosom;
these things are shown with graphic power.
From year to year, sometimes from month to
month, he threw off his rapid series of fictions;
now dealing with the aboriginal characters of
American life; now depicting the achievements
of knight and infedel; no amid the glades of
Florida; now in the wild freedom of the west--
over teh whole wide range of Southern and
Southwestern American life. But, as Mr. Da-
vidson remarks, "he was most at home in the
Revolutionary times, when war, and draft, and
treachery, and love and death, ruled the hour;
or in the older and pre-revolutionary times,
when the stalwart and sturdy Indian yet
struggled with bloody hands for his erstwhile
dominions, and yet hoped to wrest his lands
from the pale faces." As to the high order of
his ability as a prose writer, there is no differ-
ence of opinion.
Edgar Poe said of Mr. Simms: "He has more
vigor, more imagination, more. , movement and
more general capacity than all our novelists
(save Cooper) combined." D:hyckinck, than
whom there is no cooler critic, says of Mr.
Simms: "As a novelist he is vigorous in de-
lineation, dramatic in action, poetic in his de-
scription of scenery,. a master of plot, and
skilled in the arts of the practiced story-teller."
In every home in South Carolina the romances
of Mr. Simms have found a pleasant resting
place. Well might Mr. Davidson write that
while "Cooper has the advantage in character-