Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
Transcription ization and plot, Mr. Simms has clearly the ad-
vantage in the energy of action, variety of
situations, and, perhaps, in literal truthful-
ness of delineation.''
As a historiographer, Mr. Simms accom-
plished just what he proposed—a readable his-
tory of South Carolina for the young, some-
thing of less "immemorial dust and dignity"
than Ramsay and Carroll, and somet,brtna of far
less research than Rivers.
As a biographer, Mr. Simms produced four
creditable volumes--enough, in themselves, to
have made the reputation of a man of less
As a poet, Mr. Simms wrote very largely. Be-
sides his long poems—Atalantis, the Cassique
of Accabee, Donna Florida, and the Vision of
Cartes--he wrote two dramas, and hundreds if
not thousands of lyrics, sonnets, balladb, odes,
idylls, canzonets and other minor poems. Ata-
antis is generally considered the ibegt'Of his
narrative poems. as will be seen ,by the follow-
ing extracts from an article .published in the
Southern Literary Messenger for May, 1861.
The writer, who is a Charleston gentleman Of
great curare and admirable taste, says: ti-
"A scholar of no mean attainments in litera-
ture, and of cultivated critical skill, pronounced
the 'Atalantis' of Mr. Simms not unworthy of
compariffion, as a poem and a work of art, with
the immortal 'Comus' of Milton. The vigor and
originality of expression, the fervor and richness
of imagination, the fulness of thought, the com-
mand of language, the power and wide range of
conception, united with the softer graces of deep
and truthful sentiment, and of musical rhythm,
which distinguish 'Atalantis,' will also be found,
in, greater or less degree, to characterize all of
the poetry of its author. We do not mean to say
that Mr. Simms has not published poetical trifles,
which, penned merely as tribes, make no preten-
sion to any high or peculiar merit, and do not