Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Obituary | 1870-06-13
Transcription joined the sober scholarship, of the mature
man. Who did not notice that the voice of the
poet was weak and faint as he delivered the
opening oration of the Floral Fair in this city,
only a few shorn weeks ago ? And yet who of
his auditors dreamed then that the teeming
brain and kindly heart had well nigh done
their work ?
In company with those whom he loved or
admired; Mr. Simms was full of jest and merry,
conceit. A charming talker, he, like Cole-
rige rather discoursed than conversed. At
all times, he was a true and generous friend,
whose, hand was always ready to help the an-
fortunate. In all his anxieties, he did not for-
get the sorrows and afflictions of others. Ac-
tion--in his charity;as in his professional
work--was the feature of his life.
Simms was twice- married: His first
wife was a daughter of Mr.Othniel J. Giles,
and his second a daughter of Mr. Nash Roach.
His first wife bore him a daughter (now the
wife of Mr. Ed. Roach, of this city;) and his
second three sons and two daughters, all of
whom are living. One of the daughters is the
wife of Mr. Daniel Howe.
The body .was aid out in the parlor of Mr.
Roach's residence yesterday, and many called
to take a last look at the features of the 1
great departed. The countenance betokened
that he had. died without suffering.
The funeral services of the; deceased will
take place at St. Paul's Church, at 5 o'clock
this afternoon. The remains will be interred 1
at Magnolia Cemetery.