Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1863-08-05
Transcription THE NEW DAWN


"Tal per aitmi diletto
La irigannatrici scena
Soglion talor daspetto
Sollecite camblar.
Un carcera, il piu fosco
Raggia cosi diviena ;
Cosi vergeggia un bosco,
Dove ondegg lava il mar.''

Day breaks, in a sweet music of its own; not of
a breaking heart but of a bounding spirit! The
wings of aspiration grow from the shoulders of
strength ! The eye of the eagle finds the motive
for his wing; and, as teh one beholds the far off
object, through the blue veil of distance, the other
spreads forth in flight that he may compass it.
The bird sails through the void, and darts, and is
gone from sight; but we see that he is gon up0-
ward, preparing for the sun.


And thought, taking the wings of imagination,
pursues, with the ardor of the Gaul, swooping
down upon the Roman legions. He emerges from
unbroken and savage forests; but he rushes up to
great pinnacles, and stands bathing in mid air,
looking forth for a grand courser to come out
from the sea,—a courser armed with wings! The
images of conquest possess his soul; and they
shall lend to poSsessious of earth; land then he
shall possess the skies !


So to delight the eye, that sees,
The illusions of the stage appear
with every change designed to please,
As change the seasons of the year.
The dungeon late that frown'd with doom,
' Becomes the royal palace now:
And forests verdant With their bloom,
Sudden subside to seas, a show
Great fleets, with many a regal grow!