Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1863-08-05
Transcription eneraus Zephyr, and throwing wide his bosom,
e feels'the airs and odors ,of his lost inheritance,
bringing to hie heart, the Solace which still teaches
him to hope!
I sit beside my lattice in a sweet muse of
thought, and, in day fancies, I behold the great
procession .of glad creatures, starting up, and set
ting forward, on their various match, at the -snm-
tong of the day. What kindling hopes animate
their bosoms, and, fling out,virgin banners before
their eyes, steeped in.eolors of the rainbow ! What
proud exulting thoughts and brave energies put
on armor for the conflict ! What fiery passions
strip. to the race, even as the young ,man strips,
without fear, or shame, and plunges headlong to
the struggle with the wave
In the.dreamy silence of the earth---in the grey
void which still occupies the heavens, though the
bright shafts of the sun are shooting upward
through the air.-r-in the tomb-like silence of the
still slumbering city--the sweet voices of heart
and fancy became audible; and the so; which
they make, together, is one of a rejoicing, which
is lull. of _golden promise. Ah ! happy, that there
is still Hope, even though there be no voice of
rejoicing ! Thus there should be a music in the
heart for humanity, even though the cloud, thrcatK
ening ,storm and torrent, still overhangs the city.
But the Hope kindles even within the cloud,
and emerges from its shadow, even as the dawn
darts upward, emerging from the night. Now
ale the grey highways of heaven dappled with
light: forms, that spread their wings and rush on-,
ward,' like a squadron of horse, bright in armor,
and, with eager charges, disperse the sullen and
reluctant vapors. They clear the way for the ad-
vance of the embattled Sun.; and he comes;--the
feet of his fiery coursers beating up the fleecy
tracks, while bathing them with hues of molten
gold, and, glowing orange, and purple from his
Eastern looms; even as the generous conqueror
flings his most precious robes over the wounds of
the captive, whom it.is yet his province to subdue !
The conquest of light over darkness is a gladness
ever more ! So the heavens and the earth rejoice
in the presence of the day. So the . sullen ocean