Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Reviews/Essays | 1863-08-05
Transcription looks toward, and puts on a smile, as he feels the
march of his con ueror, the sun ! And to ! where
our two rivers of Klawala and Etiwan--thus sired
by the red man—leap up and start forward upon
their mutual race ; turning the 'green headlands
with impetuous w .ters, and rushing, with an Au-
dible song, to their twin embraces with the deep !
And the city rises with a hum of stirring life ; and
the multitude leaps up ; and you hear the clink of
the hammer, and the clang of the weapon ; for
there is work---and there is war ; aid to meet
bees there is manhood ! And, methinks, I hear
a voice from heaven---soft as a child's whisper,
which says to me—and my heart grows assured
"and should I ‘not spare Niiaevah, that great city,
wherein are more than six score thousand persons
that ca .not discern between their right hand and
their let !"
My own old city ! Be strong—be hopefull Go
forth with the Sun ! Do the work of strength and
valor ! Unfold the properties of virtue in thy gift,
Let thy sons arena them, each according to his en-
dowment, for the fight; for the toil; for the race;
for the enterprise; for the conquest over wind and
sea; over rock and desert;—for the due use and
employment of all created objects, and for the
use of that which is ip thy own soul. Let us
forth together, my brethren, while the sun is yet
struggling up his height, and let us take our places,
in his dye, on such grand eminences as shall yield
us the prospect of that wide empire which is con
tided. to the keeping of thy people.
- Let us begin a new race of glory, for that long
day of empire which has begun for thee in so
much glory !
Lo! I sing thee a new song, which should
teach thee the virtues in thy gift, and fill thee
with that faith in thy mission which shall leave
bone of thy possessions unexplored ; which Shall
give the seas to thy. keel, the mountain to thy
wing, the rock to thy shaft, the forest to thy axe
all men to thy honor, and all created blessings to
thy love ! if thou hast erred, like Nineveh, and
if thy vine hat sometimes withered beneath the
tooth of the worm, thy God bath saved thy
thousands from the yoke, and thyself , from the
sea of lire and the furrow of salt. Let us sing a
glad song, as thy sons go forth with me, for,
verily, this is the dawning of a new day for thee
and thine.