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Secondary Scholarship | 2005
Transcription LARNE, IRELAND, & CLOVER, S. C.

The following undated piece from the Columbia (SC) State published
in the 1990s has been contributed by a Society member. It gives good
background for Lame immigrants such as Simms's own father. As the
article shows, Lame chose Clover as sister city over Boston and Columbus,
Georgia, because it was the geographical centre of Lame immigration in th
1700s. The Celtic influence in South Carolina and the South in general has
been underreported and is due proper research. The close study of Simms
and his Celtic traits as expressed in his writing should be a good way to

Iva Campbell, whose late
brother, John, was once our
city's popular mayor (and
later secretary of state), visited
Northern Ireland last month to
trace the Campbell family roots.
"My great-great-grandfather
was born in the seaport town of
Larne, near Belfast," recalls the
81-year-old retired pharmaceutical
salesman, who lives in West
While in Larne, Campbell took a
break from his genealogical
research to have a sip of Guinness
stout -- as sociable salesmen often
are wont to do.
It was at the local pub that a
patron piped up in a thick Irish
"He told the he was going to be
in South Carolina in June to cele-
brate Larne's new sister-city rela-
tionship with the little town of
Clover in York County."
Sister city. The news delighted


In The Simms Review, V, no. 2 (Winter 1997), p. 6, we printed the
text of the letter whose actual manuscript has now been supplied us here.
It is in the library of the University of Chicago.