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[Dedication to Beverley Carroll Simms]

Illustrations | 2006
Transcription Beverley Simms and a Student

Neva King Cooper Elementary School, Homestead, Florida

She was a teacher for over 35 years.

This issue is published in memory of Beverley Carroll Simms (1927-2003),

one of Simms's great granddaughters. Beverley was a faithful supporter of

the Society and the WGS Visiting Research Professorship. Shortly prior to

her passing, she had begun to fund conservation of Simms documents at the

South Caroliniana Library, including the journal kept by Charles Carroll

Simms. Her intention to fund conservation of Simms material will be assured

by her siblings. ----John G. Simms, Jr., Miami, Florida

Miss Beverley was a gentle lady, somewhat shy and of few words. I had the

pleasure of knowing her for only a short time, but it was clear from the start

that her devotion to Simms would be hard to surpass. I'm glad she richly

enjoyed the bus trip from Columbia to woodlands. It was apparent that in

this adventure home to her ancestral place, she was in her element.

-- ----Editor