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Correspondence | 2006


Charleston, March 20, 1867

J. B. Moreau, Esq.
My dear Mr. Moreau.

I sent you, a few days ago, a single photograph from the brooch
miniature of Col. Laurens. I convey to you in this letter a couple more, and
trust that they will answer your purpose. This is the best, I fear, that can be
done for you, and if, as I fancy, it is from a Congress medal, then it ought to
possess peculiar value. In all probability it was from a picture by Trumbull.
Did I suggest to you to have inquiries instituted at New Haven for a picture
of J. L[aurens] by Trumbull, as I was inclined to believe that there was one in thE
Trumbull gallery there. The photograph fails to bring out the inscription, but
this can readily be supplied. Let me hope, at all events, that you will find this
quite worthy, if well engraved, to preface your volume. I repeat my regret at
the long delay in procuring it, in spite of my pressing & repeated endeavours
to have it months ago...I am quite under the weather--sick suffering--head,
body, heart, mind. We are all here in terrible condition of prostration. The
country is ruined, the people--and famine threatening the land, as well as the
loss of Liberty.

Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms

See note 129, Letters, Vol. V, for Moreau