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Scholarship | 2007
Transcription Celtic Scholar Cantrell New Life Member of the
Simms Society

welcome to James Cantrell, our first Life Member from the state of
Tennessee. Dr.Cantrell, who lives outside Memphis and still works on
his family farm, is the author of the seminal new volume How Celtic
Culture Invented Southern Literature (Pelican, 2006). The chapter on
Simms, entitled "The Father," that is, the Father of Southern Literature,
is the best, fresh, original new treatment of Simms biography in several
decades. It is'a must for all those interested in Simms.

New Member With Old ties to "Woodlands"

The Simms Society welcomes new member, John E. Wheeler of
Simpsonville, SC. John learned about us from our recent free ad in Southern
Partisan magazine.
From his letters to us, he writes:

"I worked with one of •Simms's grandsons (Carl Edward Buck) of
Greenville, SC, for a number of years and hunted with Carl many times at
woodlands. There, I even read some of Simms's works, remaining in his
library at Woodlands.
Also enjoyed a number of delicious Low-Country meals cooked and
set by two old Southern black ladies, Mudd and her sister Female
(pronounced `Fo-molly'). When the second sister was born, neither her
mama nor father could think of a name, so the doctor wrote on the birth
record `Female.' So, she was `Fomolly' from that day on."

Mary Rivers Kello, In Memoriam

Simms Society member, Mrs. Mary Kello, died 31 July 2006. She is buried in the
old Kello family cemetery near Courtland, Virginia. She was a long-time membe
of the society.