Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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A Mixture of Time

Poetry | 2007
Transcription A Mixture of Time

Kinloch Rivers
At Woodlands Plantation
Home of William Gilmore Simms

Each field, surrounded by a wooded frame,
basks in the Southern sun by Edisto.
In the woods, alive with past and present,
the vines wind around branches like a thread
that holds the years together.
The moss is swayed
by whatever music shakes the changing air,
the bass of highway traffic less real
than ghostly hoofbeats on a vanished road.
The rabble brush invades the onetime park
as Sherman's men once did
with torch and empty wagons.
Now remnant walls condense
to form a smaller house,
and children's laughter rings among the trees.
The hunters penetrate the morning mist
with grave intent, and scholars
greet the night with quiet joy
as Jake Frost Creek murmurs low
and Time Confounded
sleeps at Woodlands' gates.

1991 by The Poetry Society of South Carolina