Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Table of Contents

Scholarship | 2007
Transcription THE SIMMS REVIEW

Vol. XV, No. 2 Winter 2007

Domesticating the Gothic: 1
Realism and Romance in Richard Hurdis
by Travis D. Montgomery

New Simms Pseudonyms
by James Everett Kibler 11

The Mysterious "R. I . " 14

Southern Lit. Journal Letter
Co-signed by Simms 16

Important Simms Book Review 18

New Simms Poem:
"The Synod of the Beasts" 22

New Inscribed Copy of Poems 25

Simms Defends Poe
And Poe Replies 27

Simms Symposium 2008:
"Simms, Poet, Essayist and Critic" 34

Some Thoughts on Simms's
Growing Reputation 35

History Reprinted
by Tim Hicks 37

Simms Society News and Announcements 38