Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2007
Transcription New Simms Pseudonyms

James Everett Kibler

Since my Pseudonymous Publications of William Gilmore Simms was
published in 1976, I have been able to add thirteen new pseudonyms to the
earlier list of 218, for a current total of 23 1 proved pseudonyms. These new pen
names have made it possible to add significant new works by the author.
The new pseudonyms, proof of attribution, and works published under
them are as follows:

1. A Reminiscent
Signed to a manuscript story, "The Humours of the Manager," in the Charles
Carroll Simms Collection at the South Caroliniana Library, University of South
Carolina. The work, without pseudonym, is collected in John C. Guilds, ed.,
Stories and Tales. Centennial Edition of the Works of William Gilmore Simms.

2. Bienami
Signed to two letters from New York published in the Charleston Weekly, 17
August 1854.

3. Bion
Signed to a series of eight letters from New York published in the Charleston
Weekly(14 September 1854 [three letters], 28 September 1854, 5 October 1854,
12 October 1854, 19 October 1854 [two letters].)

4. Boone
Signed to poem, "Kentucky Required to Yield Her Arms," Charleston Mercury
(10 October 1861.) The poem is listed as by Simms in his manuscript list of his
war poems in Printed Poetry Box, Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South
Caroliniana Library, P 1540. See also Simms Letters, VI, 224n.

5. Flora de Berniere
Signed to manuscript poem, "The Maniac Maiden," in Manuscript Poetry Box,