Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2007
Transcription 12, W******.
Signed to poem, "A Lock of Hair.–To R. I." in Charleston Courier (22
November 1824). Simms claims the poem and pseudonym in a handwritten list
in General Manuscripts Collection, P 1540. It is also signed to a probable
poem, "Spring" (The Spring! The Spring is coming), Southern Literary
Messenger, V (May 1839), 319.

13. The Wanderer
Signed to a series of essays clipped from an unidentified newspaper and paste
in Simms's Scrapbook E, Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana
Library. These describe Georgia mountain scenery and are entitled
"Correspondence of the News." They are dated 10, 20, and 24 August 1849,
and 14 September 1849. Simms toured the area in August of this year.

To the list oftwenty-seven possible pseudonyms, we may now add two
new ones:

1. Briefwit
Signed to a possible essay "An Introduction," in Simms's The Album, II (4
February 1826); 37-38.

2. William
Signed to possible poem, "To Mary," in Simms's The Album, II (1 April 1826),