Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | 1863-12-23
Transcription Each housed Within his kennel, stuff'd with food—
All of his finding! He will break their looks,
And enter without rapping ,--In hot blood ;
Clamorous to share, at least, what he purveys ;---
And, whether they render just account or no,
Is like to fill them with a great amaze,
Nor spare the grinding tusk and rending blow !

The "Irrepressible Conflict" comes at last,--
Is always coming; never will be past ;-=
The logical result of blended sway.
Wolf, Ape, Fox, Tiger, its close Synod cast,
Consulting with bent wisdom, as they may,
To make of gooses and chicken common prey,
Nor sparing lamb and mutton On the way.
These snake a goodly Cabinet: all agreed,
That 'tis upon the stranger they must feed ;
That all that's foreign to themselves, should be
Put under ban : and so they make decree.
That what is proper food for wolf or fox,
In shape of sheep, or lamb, or goose, or ox,
Is, in some way, a criminal : that they
Are specifically given by the Gods to see
Meet justice done among the several nations.
'Especially that tigers be set free,
To work, at will or need, at their vocation,
While ape, and fox, and wolf hold nightly sessions,
Dividing, as the spoils become possessions.

'Twas a most excellent family arrangement,
And things work'd, famously a certain season;
But, in due time, there grew up some estrangement,
And whether with good, or sufficient reason,
There were some family quarrels, as the feeding
Grew scantier, or some party lack'd in breeding,
At all events, so long as Southern Geese
Were plenty, and its mutton yielded fleece,
And flesh;--and Goat and Lamb, and Turkey and Ox,
Filled up the larders of Ape, Wolf and Fox;--
While the broad Southland pastures, woods and fields,
Made of their fatted burghers ample yields:
The Synod held its sessions, nightly, daily,
And the copartnership business went on gaily;
And all rubb'd hands with glee. The secret lay
In lamb and mutton falling easy prey !
But the case alter'd in a single day,
When suddeuly, they found themselves at bay,
With Lion and Eagle standing in the way!


It, sometimes haps that Tiger and Wolf confound
Eagles with Geese, and through the jungle chase,
Sheep, as they fancy; going with hot pace,
An if they needed but to run race,
And take the victim at a single bound !--
'Twas awkward, when the fancied calf turn'd round,