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Secondary Scholarship | 2007
Transcription New Inscribed Copy Of Poems

In The Simms Review (Vol. XIII, no. 1, Summer 2005, pp. 1-5), three
presentation copies of Simms's Areytos (1860) were described. One was for
"Miss Summer, of Pomaria," and dated Woodlands, 22 Feb. 1862. In June
2007, I was looking through the books in the attic at Pomaria plantation house
and found another inscribed copy for Miss Summer. It was also dated
Woodlands, 22 Feb. 1862. The copy was Poems Descriptive, Dramatic,
Legendary and Contemplative, vol. II. The imprint was the Charleston, John
Russell edition.
Miss Summer was Catherine Parr Summer (1823-1906), plantation
mistress of Pomaria for her bachelor brother William Summer, the
horticulturist founder of the Pomaria Nurseries. Simms visited the Nurseries
and plantation and was a frequent orderer of ornamentals, fruit trees and vines
from the nursery stock there. For further information, see The Simms Review
article cited above, and "Simms the Gardener: Reconstructing the Gardens at
Woodlands," The Simms Review, vol. I (Summer 1993), 17-26.
Both inscribed copies to Miss Summer are now preserved in the
collection of Dr James Kibler.