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Reviews/Essays | 1845-11-22
Transcription Simms Defends Poe
And Poe Replies

In his Broadway Journal of 22 November 1845 (pp. 309-310), editor
Poe reprints Simms's essay from Simms's Charleston Southern Patriot
concerning the recent Poe controversy in Boston. Poe, like Simms, considered
the New England myopia as bias and intolerance at its worst. That Poe
republishes Simms's essay shows that he received the Southern Patriot. This
fact is yet another indication of the ties between the two writers .
The reference to "our friend Field" refers to Joseph Field, author an
editor of The St. Louis Reveille.

Editorial Miscellany

As we very confidently espected, our friends in the
Southern and Western country (true friends, and tried,)
are taking up arms in our cause--and more especially in
the cause of a national as distinguished from a sectional
literature. They cannot see (it appears) any farther ne-
cessity for being ridden to death by New-England. Hear
the "Charleston Patriot":
POE'S POETRY--Mr. Edgar A. Poe is one of the most remarka-
ble, in many respects, among out men of letters. With singular
endowments of imagination, he is at the same time largely pos-