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Reviews/Essays | 1845-11-22
Transcription we say--we did not see them take their departure:--the
fact is they belong to a class of people that we make it a
point never to see.
The poem being thus well received, in spite of this
ridiculous little cabal--the next thing to be done was to
abuse it in the papers. Here, they imaging, they were
sure of their game. But what have they accomplished?
The poem, they say, is bad. We admit it. We insisted
upon this fact in our prefatory remarks, and we insist
upon it now, over and over again. It is bad--itis wretch-
ed--and what then? We wrote it at ten years of age--
had it been wirth even a pumpkin-pie undoubtedly we
should not have "delivered" it to them.
To demonstrate its utter worthlessness, "The Boston
Star" (a journal which, we presume, is to be considered
as a fair representative of the Frogpondian genius) has
copied the poem in full, with two or three columns of
criticism (we suppsoe) be way of explaining that we
should ahve been hanged for its perpetration. There is
no doubt of it whatever--we should. "The Star," how-
ever, (a dull luminary) has done us more honor thatn it
intended; it has copied our third edition of the poem,
revised and improved. We considered this too good for
the occasion by one half, and so "delivered" the first
edition with all its imperfections on its head. it is the
first--the original edition the delivered edition--which
we now republished in our collection of Poems.

Repelled at these points, the Frogpondian faction hire a
thing they call the "Washington Reformer" (or some-
thing of that kind) to insinuate that we must have been
"intoxicated" to have become possessed of sufficient au-
dacity to "deliver" such a poem to the Frogpondians.
In the first place, why cannot these miserable hypo-
crites say "drunk" at once and be done with it? In the
second place we are perfectly willing to admit that we
were drunk--in the face of at least eleven or twelve hun-
dred Frogpondians who will be willing to take oath that
we were not. We are willing to admit either that we
were drunk, or that we set fire to the Frog-pond, or that
once upon a time we cut the throat of our grandmother.