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Reviews/Essays | 1845-11-22
Transcription The face is we are perfectly ready to admit any thing at
all--but what has cutting the throat of our grandmother
to do with our poem, or the Frogpondian stupidity?
We shall get drunk when we please. As for the
editor of the "Jeffersonian Teetotaler" (or whatever
it is) we advise her to get drunk, too, as soon as possi-
ble--for when sober she is a disgrace to the sex--on ac-
count of being so awfully stupid.
N. B. The "Washington Teetotaler" is edited by a
little olf lady in a mob-cap and spectacles--at least, we
presume so, for every second paper in Boston is.
P.S. Miss Walters (the Syren!) has seen casue, we
find, to recant all the ill-natures little insinuations she
has been making against us (mere white lies--she
need not tkae them so much to heart) and is not over-
whelming us with apologies--thing which we have
never yet been able to withstand. She defens our poem
on the ground of its being "juvenile," and we think the
more of her defence because she gerself has been juvenile
so long as to be a judge of juvenility. Well, upon the
while we must forgive her--and do. Say no more about
it, you little darling! You are a delightful creature and
your heart is in the right place--would to Heaven that
we could always say the same thing of your wig!
In conclusion:--The Frogpondians may as well spare
us their abuse. If we cared a fig for their wrath we
should not first have insulted them to their teeth, and
then subjected to their tender mercies a volume of our
Poems:--that, we think, is sufficiently clear. The fact is,
we despise them and defy them (the transcendental vaga-
bonds!) and they may all go to the devil together.

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