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Illustrations | 2007
Transcription 25-27 September 2008

Simms Symposium 2008:
Simms, Poet, Essayist & Critic

Plans are being made to meet at the Historic Brig.-Gen. T. R. R. Cobb
House in Athens, Georgia, for the Simms Society's 2008 symposium. The
splendid newly restored mansion is owned and operated as a house museum
and conference centre by the Watson-Brown Foundation.
The meeting is scheduled for September. The topic will be Simms's
Poetry (and his essays and critical reviews relating thereto). If sufficient
interest develops, a session will be devoted to relating Simms to nineteenth
century poetry in general. Consideration will also be given to having a session
on Simms's Southern poet contemporaries (Poe, Hayne, Timrod, Father Ryan,
Lanier, etc.)
The house has a display area where Simms poetry, manuscripts,
letters, first editions, and books from Simms's library (from the collection of
Dr James Kibler) will be shown for the first time. The archive is judged the
largest collection of Simms material in private hands–the result of four
decades of collecting beginning in a time when Simms was not highly valued
(in more ways than one.)
Those interested in presenting papers should send a precis of their
proposed paper's argument to Dr Kibler, the organiser of the symposium, at
English Department, Park Hall 254, Univ of GA, Athens 30602.
Make plans now for September 2008. In the meantime, for a tour of
the Cobb House, see www. TRRCobbHouse.org.

25-27 September 2008

The T.R.R. Cobb House