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Secondary Scholarship | 2007
Transcription too often policed by those who work exclusively with New England authors.

With the publication of the Simms issue of Studies in the Literary

Imagination and Professor Nakamura's historic critical volume, with the

Symposium on Simms's Poetry hosted by the Watson-Brown Foundation, the

continued steady growth of the Simms Society, the publication of several new

volumes of the Arkansas Edition of Simms under the new editorship of

Professor Jim West, paperback reprints of various Simms works by History

Press of Charleston and editions under way by several Simms scholars, as well

as the continued issuing of The Simms Review into its sixteenth volume, the

year 2008 is shaping up to be the most significant year in Simms scholarship

since General Sherman's officer made his arrogant declaration in 1865. 2008

will indeed be a red-letter year, and one which the Simms Society should

anticipate with pleasure.



A Sequel to The Forayers, or The Raid of the Dog Days

William Gilmore Simms

Edited by David W. Newton

New edition of this acclaimed southern writer's historical novel

–All students of Southern literature owe a huge debt to Jack Guilds and the University

Eutaw of Arkansas Press for providing us with the elegant and useful new

A Sequel to the Forayers editions of the work of William Gilmore Simms."—Neal Polk, editor, 7 fir liserri'Ne Quarterly
or The Raid of the Dog Days

William Gilmore Simms's (I806–187(1) body of work, which provides a sweeping fic-

tional portrait of the colonial and antebellum South in all its regional diversity, com-

plete with its literary and intellectual issues, is probably more comprehensive than that

of any other nineteenth-century southern author. By the mid–1840s his novels were

so famous that Edgar Allan Poe wrote that Simons was "the best novelist which this

country has, on the whole, produced." Simms wrote eight novels that were set in his

home state of South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, and &dni', the sixth, was

published in 1856, the same year Simms had a disastrous lecture tour in the North, in

which he voiced strong pro–South Carolina and pro-Southern views.

I]rdan. was a sequel to his Very successful 1855 novel, 1 b l -era)yrrr, and thus com-

pleted the most comprehensive saga of the war in our literary history. It focuses on

the battle of Eutaw Springs in 1781, which ended British domination of South

\f. 00,iit111f. SIMMS, S.t2e Carolina. Prominent in this significant battle were Nathaniel Greene, Light-Horse

Harry Lee, and Francis Marion, about whom Simms would later write a biography. As
Lorin 11,.
I) Wit 1 1V..Sr.nla 1 with other volumes in the Arkansas Edition of Simms's work, this volume includes a

critical introduction by the editor and a Simms chronology, as well as appendices deal-

ing with textual matters.

DAVID \V. NEWTON is a noted Simms scholar and a professor of English at the

University of West Georgia.

November 6 x 9 650 pages

$34.95 (s) paper 1-55728-828-3 (978-1-55728-828-8)

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