Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Table of Contents

Scholarship | 2008
Transcription THE SIMMS REVIEW

Vol. XVI, No. 1 Summer 2008

Simms as "Nemo": The Rediscovered Letters
to the Charleston Mercury
by Doreen Thierauf 1

A List of New Simms Poems
by James Everett Kibler 15

New Brady-Handy Image of Simms 21

"That Feel and Touch of the Elbow":
Simms and the Whig Interpretation of History
by Samuel C. Smith 22

"Woodlands" Essay From 1955 32

Simms Symposium 2008:
"Simms, Poet, Essayist and Critic" 38

The Arkansas Simms Edition: An Interim Report
by James L. W. West III 40

Simms Society News and Announcements 42

Frontispiece: In Scrapbook E in the Simms Collection at the South Caroliniana
Library, there is a page bearing a map done in pencil by Simms. It appears to
be a map of the action of his novel Joscelyn. To my knowledge, no scholar has
made use of it. This reproduction does not pick up the very light pencillings
but most of them are discernible in the original. The map shows the Silver
Bluff, SC vicinity, home of Simms's friend, Gov. Hammond.