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Secondary Scholarship | 2008
Transcription A List of New Simms Poems

James Everett Kibler

when my The Poetry of William Gilmore Simms: An Introduction and
Bibliography appeared in 1979, it listed 1,832 proved Simms poems. During
the subsequent three decades, new poem manuscripts, recently discovered early
Southern periodicals (especially the previously unknown second volume of The
Album of 1826), new proved pseudonyms, and various manuscript jottings by
Simms listing some of his fugitive poems (particularly in the Charleston Courier
of 1824-1825), have added 49 new poems to the canon. I can also remove two
poems listed in the bibliography now proved to be by other poets. This
research now brings the total of Simms poems to 1,879, with at least another 57
as probable.
The new poems are here listed alphabetically by first line, using the
format of The Poetry of William Gilmore Simms (Columbia, SC: Southern
Studies Program University of South Carolina, 1979).

1. "Fragment." Ah! why to that dismal shore
Manuscript in Simms hand in "MSS Poetry Box," Simms Manuscript
Collection, South Caroliniana Library, Univ of SC.

2. [Untitled.] Alas! poor Edgar!
An eleven line poem on Edgar Allan Poe published within Simms's "Our
Literary Docket" series in the Charleston Mercury (9 July 1859). Reprinted in
Simms Review, XVIII, no. 1 (Summer 2005), 25.

3. "Coligny's Resolve.""And if I perish!" the gray warrior said,--
The second of three parts as appendix to Simms's story collection The Lily and
the Totem (New York: Baker & Scribner, 1850), 465-468.

4. "The Voyage.""And leave thy flock to perish?"—Thus the voice
The third of three parts as appendix to Simms's story collection The Lily and the