Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Table of Contents

Scholarship | 2008
Transcription THE SIMMS REVIEW

Vol. XVI, No. 2 Winter 2008

"Woodlands" Essay Revisited
by John Govan Simms Jr 1

Treating "The Lying Camp": Simms and Turgenev
by Morozkina and Erchtein 3

Simms and Melville in 1865
by Clyde N. Wilson 7

Simms's List of His War Poems 9

Monody, on the Death of Gen. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
by William Gilmore Simms 11

Another Signed Aretytos (1860) 22

Govan Singleton Simms
by John Govan Simms Jr 23

Words Upon a Monument
The Liberalism of Simms' Public Theology
by Colin D. Pearce 24

10th Simms Symposium-"Simms the Poet"
by Joseph Cecil Wingard 31

Simms Society News and Announcements 36