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Reviews/Essays | 1932
Transcription "Woodlands" Essay Revisited

By John Govan Simms, Jr

The "'Woodlands' Essay From 1955" that appeared in The Simms
Review for Summer 2008 was actually a reprint .from the Bamberg,
SCHerald of 28 April 1932.- Here the essay is entitled "Woodlands: The
Simms Home," and signed by Alexander S. Salley. The 1955 reprint
changed the first paragraph of the original ,to bring it up to date. The
original first paragraph from 1932, is here printed from a photocopy. The
same Salley essay was used by John Faust, editor of the Herald, to form
the basis of his June 1970 story on Woodlands in Sandlapper Magazine.
I' m sure that Mrs May Oliphant did not have the opportunity to revise or
contribute to the article. She would have included the pertinent facts that
the bricks used in construction of the "handsome gates" came from the
1950 relocation and expansion of the Bamberg Court House and-that the
bricklaying expenses were paid by Life Magazine-to the Charles Carroll
Simms descendants for the rights to publish, in Life, a selection of the
"Mother Goose Rhymes" which never occurred.


By A. S. Salley.

A traveler journeying. from
Orangeburg to Branchville by the
paved hihway or the Southern rail-
way will pass eight miles south of
Orangeburg a large old fashioned
plantation house, which sets back
about two hundred yards from the
highway. A picturesque avenue of
many varieties of trees and shrubs
leads from the highway to the front